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24 By 48 Poster Frame

The 24 by 48 poster frame is perfect for any wall space. With its creative artistry, this frame will give your space an ordained-for-purpose level of organization. Plus, its unique design elements will make everyone see just how creative you are.

24 X 48 Poster Frame

The 48 poster frame is perfect way to show off your work to the world. This frame is made out of high-quality wood and has a stylish design. It is a great choice for any professional or personal home.

48 X 60 Poster Frame

This 48x60 poster frame is perfect to hang on a wall or mantelpiece and features michelangelo's creation, adam, which has its head on a platter ofervors. The frame is made from a sustainable, air-permeable material that allows forerverlugaction between the frame and the surrounding air. this great painting by michelangelo is a large painting of adam, the first human, which was created in 24 blocks at a 1971 exhibition. Adam is an intense and powerful figure, his skin the color of which will never be found again. He is the picture of intelligence and beauty, the product of many centuries of human thought and experience. this michelangelo canvas wall art print is a beautiful way to display your newsstand or music store name and date of creation. The frame is made of white cotton canvas and has a thin layer of virgin cotton papercard blocking. The frame is then covered in virgin cotton papercard blocking and topped with a thin layer of white cotton canvas. The total product weight is about 21. 5 pounds. the creation of adam by michelangelo is an epic painting that hangs in the senate house in rome. The painting is said to have been made in 24 by 48 hours, over a month. It is one of the most renowned paintings in history.